Crushed or fat ice to make a gin and tonic?

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Crushed or fat ice to make a gin and tonic?

¿Hielo picado o hielo gordo para preparar un gin tonic?

Anyone who tells you that they have never asked themselves which type of ice is the right choice to prepare a gin and tonic is lying to you. As everything in this life, starting in the world of amateur or professional cocktail is a trial and error. At least until you have the experience that allows you to say that you know how to prepare a gin and tonic without doubting your abilities.

From Bruni Collin’s we bring you an explanation that will solve this important doubt once and for all, so that you can prepare a gin and tonic with our excellent premium gin in the next opportunity you have at your fingertips.

Why is it a bad idea to use crushed ice when preparing a gin and tonic?

Without giving it much thought, we can say that your best alternative to prepare a gin and tonic will always be to use fat ice. That is, those that come out of the refrigerator completely, well frozen. It is really not very relevant if they are round, oval or square.

The reason that makes crushed ice a terrible choice for gin and tonic preparation is the issue of solubility. Crushed ice tends to melt faster than a piece of ice that is whole, without fractures.

Also, there’s the fact that the water that starts to release as the crushed ice melts counteracts the existence of carbon in the soda or tonic that you’re using for your drink, so the whole cup loses its essence with a fraction of the time that would be given if you opt for fat ice, just as any cocktail expert would recommend.

Mistakes you shouldnt make when preparing a gin and tonic

On the other hand, there is the factor that ensuring that the ice arrives intact until after finishing your gin and tonic does not depend exclusively on the choice of the type of ice, nor is it the only thing that limits the possibility that this same drink keeps its bubbling consistency, while you consume it throughout your conversation or dance.

The following mistakes should also be avoided at all costs when you intend to prepare a gin and tonic, especially if you choose the gin we offer, which stands out among other alternatives on the market for more than 80 years of tradition.

1. Wrong choice of glass

Long and narrow glasses are definitely not appropriate to prepare a gin and tonic, and therefore your best option will always be a big cup.

To be more specific, we advise you to always choose a “ball cup” if you want to play safe, as it works very well from an aesthetic perspective. Also from a functional approach.

2. Forget to cool the ingredients

The worst thing you can do when preparing a gin and tonic at home is forget to cool the liquids that make up this simple, but delicate drink.

Consequently, you have to plan your time so that the tonic and gin stay for a while refrigerated.

In addition, putting gin in the freezer increases your chances of the ice remaining intact for much longer when the glass is served.

3. To be exceeded with spices and flavourings

Various interpretations of gin and tonic abound in the cocktail industry right now. Cucumber, pepper, nuts and aromatic flowers are some of the elements that are most being used to give an innovative twist to this drink that is so fashionable worldwide.

Remember that the true purpose of these additions are to enhance the aroma and taste of gin and not to mask it in a completely different sensation on the palate.

4. Improperly pour tonic

Using the spiral agitators that you see so much in the most famous bars in Spain is a counterproductive decision when it comes to preparing a gin and tonic. This is due to the fact that removing the dring to much will break the bubbles.

When pouring the tonic in the gin you should proceed with extreme caution, tilt the glass and serve it in the same way you would with a beer.

Knowing all these details will make you feel more confident about preparing a gin and tonic next time you are meeting with colleagues or family.

Remember that at Bruni Collin’s we offer a distilled bottle with the best industry standards, ideal to taste in the context you prefer.