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Discover the world of bitter with Gin Bruni

Explore Spanish bitter

In the realm of beverages, bitter has emerged as an intriguing and complex protagonist. At Gin Bruni, we take pride in introducing you to this classic and intricate drink, elevating your tasting moments to new heights of sophistication.

What is the bitter drink?

Bitter is an alcoholic beverage known for its distinctive bitter taste. Its crafting involves the infusion of herbs, spices, and other ingredients, creating a complex blend that stimulates the senses.

Exploring bitter: Ingredients and characteristics

What goes into bitter? Bitters typically contain a variety of botanical ingredients such as herbs, spices, peels, and roots. Some common examples of ingredients include angelica, cardamom, orange peel, licorice, and wormwood. The result is a bitter that captures the essence of tradition with a contemporary twist.

What does bitter taste like? The most prominent characteristic of bitter is its bitter taste. This is achieved by using bitter herbs, such as gentian, a plant commonly used in the production of bitters.

Bitter in Spain: A reinvented tradition

What is bitter in Spain? It’s the fusion of the rich Spanish distilling heritage with the elegance of bitter. Spanish bitter has a long history and has been part of Spanish culture for decades. It is consumed in various ways. Often served neat, either at room temperature or over ice, as an aperitif before a meal. It is also used as an ingredient in cocktails, where its bitter flavour can enhance the complexity of the drink.

Discover bitter with Gin Bruni

In summary, bitter is more than a beverage; it’s a sensory experience that awakens the senses and challenges expectations. At Gin Bruni, we invite you to explore this fascinating world with us. Discover the richness of nuances with every sip and immerse yourself in the excellence of a bitter with a unique Spanish touch.

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