Gin and Tonic glass. Does the bowl matter?

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Gin and Tonic glass. Does the bowl matter?

copa para gin tonic

Gin and tonic is so popular that there is no specific time or place to prepare one. It is ideal for drinking after work, lunch, in a bar or on a terrace. However, the fact that it is usual does not mean that it should be done without class. Which glass is ideal for gin and tonic? Keep reading!

If you are curious about the types of glasses or cups for gin premium, in Bruni Collin’s we want to tell you about it. Your customers will be fascinated with the new alternatives. With the following list you will know that for each preparation there is a specific glass or cup.

Gin and Tonic glass

1. Ball cup

Although the world of cocktail bar is in constant innovation, if we want class when taking a premium gin tonic, we must choose ball glasses to serve it. In addition to giving a sophisticated image, it is designed with the perfect measures and amenities to serve.

As its name describes it, the ball cups have a rounded and large body, the wide base and thin neck. Its capacity is perhaps the most interesting part, as between 60 ml and 80 ml of gin and tonic can be poured.

Thanks to its wide mouth and body, the gin´ s smells can be felt easily. Also it facilitates the release of tonic qualities through bubbles.

On the other hand, the base and the stem are perfect to grab the cup from the hand of most people, which prevents the drink heating up.

It´ s important to mention that its capacity allows all ingredients to be mixed without risk of overflow. For all this, ball cups are usually chosen to serve the best gin and tonics.

2. Cider glass

As we mentioned before, the ball glasses or cups are the ones chosen to serve it. However, if we want something different, the cider glass is the best alternative. It is a wide and very resistant container.
In addition, it offers the stability needed to mix gin and tonic and its variants. Like the ball cups, the cider glass has a lot of capacity, around 500 ml of drink.

Therefore, it is the second best option to enjoy the virtues and properties of this cocktail. It is important to mention that currently this type of glass is not used much in the shaker industry, which can be positive if you want a vintage style and innovative.

3. Old fashioned glass

If to see a gin and tonic served in a cider glass is uncommon, in an old fashioned glass it will look very strange. This is because its size and capacity doesn´ t meet the requirements to enjoy all the aromas and flavors of the drink.

Old fashioned glass is ideal for whiskey on the rocks or dry, however, there are many gin and tonic lovers who prefer to drink it in a smaller container. Therefore, if you plan to have an interesting variety of cups and glasses, do not forget this recommendation.

4. Glass container

Premium may not be associated to a glass container; however, do not dismiss this option so quickly. Tall bottles are usually used for juices or water, because it has a large capacity and this is where it becomes interesting.

There is a wide variety of sizes that can be chosen according to the amount of liquids, ingredients and of course, ice. In addition, the glass jars are ideal for places with an industrial or vintage style.
In our catalogue you can find different premium gin distillates. Do not hesitate to take a look, surely you will find the right ingredients tocreate the best gin tonic.