Gin Bruni Collin´s - Premium gin

Gin Bruni Collin’s España


Bruni Collin’s Gin

The premium gin with the most distinctive flavour.

"You will fall in love."


This is the gin made in Spain that has shaken up the cocktail market

Bruni Collin’s Gin is unique and special. It has a smooth and sweet taste, but with a character and aromatic intensity that makes it different from others.

With a bold blend of 8 carefully selected botanicals, this citrus gin surprises both for its flavour and the attractive design of its bottle.

Considered a premium gin, Bruni Gin sets a milestone in the history of gins, becoming the essential choice for lovers of exclusive gins.

Perfect to enjoy on its own or combined in an after-work or cocktail evening, Bruni Collin’s Gin offers unparalleled elegance and exclusivity, available in the best establishments.


An award-winning gin

Bruni Gin has been and continues to be the gin of choice for exclusive events at embassies, consulates, hotel openings and even charity events.

It’s not us who say Bruni Gin is exquisite, it’s those who taste it, which is why its quality has been recognised with awards such as the SIP Awards, establishing it as one of the best gins in the world.

premios Gin Bruni

The distillery where Bruni Gin is made

The unique distillation of this premium gin, together with fresh ingredients and old school techniques, is what creates its distinctive taste.

Bruni Gin was born in Joaquín Alonso Distilleries, a family business where tradition and avant-garde coexist.

Although the facilities and machinery have been modernised, artisanal techniques are still used for some products. They are focused on innovation, which is why they are extending their product lines and expanding internationally.


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