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Gin Bruni Collin’s España


Joaquín Alonso Distilleries

More than 80 years of making liqueurs and beverages adapted to each generation of consumers.

A family business in the heart of Andalusia

It all began in 1944 when Joaquín Alonso Ramal founded the distillery and started distilling aniseed & gin and ageing brandies according to the soleras and criaderas process.

Over time, the distillery was taken over by Joaquín Alonso Navarro, son of the founder, who expanded the range of products to include pacharán, fruit liqueurs and non-alcoholic beverages, responding to the evolving tastes of consumers.

In 1979, the distillery moved away from the city centre to its current location, where the facilities and machinery have been modernised, but the traditional artisanal production processes are still used for some of the distillates. 

Now, the third generation of this family business, has the focus on innovation and expansion of the product range, to meet the preferences of consumers in Spain and in the international market.

And from this passion and dedication was born Bruni Gin, a new product created with delicacy and a perfect combination of fresh botanicals.

Its flavour is impregnated with the know-how and passion for this millenary art.

Do you dare to try it?