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Best spices for gin

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Knowing which are the best spices for gin is a real necessity when the preparation of a good gin and tonic becomes the star moment when you attend a social meeting.

At the same time, in a diversified cocktail industry, it is logical that each specialist has his own opinion stating which are the best spices for gin according to his own criteria.

At Bruni Collin’s we bring you an account that includes those elements that are definitely the best alternative in the consensus of opinions about the perfect gin and tonic.

This is with the clear intention that you can buy them as soon as possible to have them on hand at the next event you have. It will be your chance to show all your friends the talent you have developed.

Gin spices

1. Peppers

We write peppers in plural for the fact that all its botanical variations have earned a leading role when it comes to the best spices for gin.

Clearly, Allspice belongs to this group and the bitter touch that gives the flavor of a gin and tonic makes it an excellent alternative to combine other sweet ingredients.

In turn, cubeba pepper gives a menthol aroma and taste to the drink and is therefore the favorite of those looking to create a refreshing and invigorating composition.

Finally, we come to pink pepper, which is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite, especially for the fact that its sweet flavor combines with the palate of most gin fans.

2. Cardamom

This spice, from the Indian subcontinent and Sri Lanka, is another major protagonist when we talk about the best spices for gin. It comes in two variants, black and green, but in the world of cocktails, green cardamom is usually preferred.

Its has a citrus aroma and from a botanical perspective, it´´´´ s a plant with digestive properties. Many know it as The Grain of Paradise. In addition, it´ s very simple to recognize it when you have become familiar with its aroma, because the olfactory experience is quite intense.

3. Vanilla

Talking about vanilla we manage to thrill those who prefer sweet and moderate flavors in their alcoholic drinks. If you are looking for a more pleasant tone in each drink that manages to combine well with the roughness of the gin and the chosen tonic, here is your best ally.

Moreover, for many experts in mixology, vanilla is a safe and reliable bet if you only have at hand a bottle of gin with a really powerful flavor.

4. Junipers

With juniper, both its branches and dehydrated or fresh berries effectively reinforce the flavor of gin when you prepare a cocktail. For this reason it is usually included in combination with any of the other species on this list. Above all, it is intended to achieve a balance of flavors in the final result of the planned drink.

Many of the regular consumers of a gin and tonic also try to chew its berries if they are fresh, either during the consumption of the drink or when it is over. Although you must take into account that the bitter sensation at the end of the palate is what characterizes the act of chewing juniper after a good glass.

5. Hibiscus flowers

Hibiscus flowers are the preferred alternative to create a gin cocktail that aims to fill with fruity aromas. As for its flavor, it counteracts a very citrus tone that balances the acidity and softness in each sip of the drink.

In addition, its great adaptability to gins with different degrees of distillation, as well as to presentations that come spaced in advance, makes it a very common element in modern cocktails.

6. Ground ginger

Using ground ginger is not so common, or at least it is not a spice you can expect when ordering a gin and tonic in a traditionalist bar. However, recent experimentation has opened its way within the group of the best spices for gin.

That perfumed and refreshing aroma combined with a relatively spicy flavor makes it a good resource when you are looking to innovate in the mixology of your home preparations.

Now with a deeper understanding of different types of gin spices, we can invite you to start using them in cocktails that you would prepare with a cold bottle of Bruni Collin’s, your premium gin. The meticulous distillation process we handle guarantees a unique aroma and flavor in the industry.