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Gin Bruni Collin’s España


Premium gin

Bruni Gin is a unique gin

A citrus gin created with passion in a century-old distillery in Granada, Spain. 

Developed in collaboration with the World Champion of classic cocktails, Manolo Martín. 

Sounds spectacular? Well, that’s Bruni Gin

Bruni Collin's is more than a gin: it's a feeling.

Our premium gin is created with confidence, backed by more than 80 years of tradition and the know-how of Joaquín Alonso Distilleries, with tridistilled grain spirits, which are redistilled with different botanicals in exclusive gin stills.

The result is a gin with a captivating, unique and delicious flavour.

Want to know what makes Bruni Collin's Gin so special?
A perfect composition

Thanks to a meticulous production process and the combination of the best botanicals from around the world, this premium gin offers a unique scent and flavour profile, along with remarkable digestive properties and a delightful spontaneity.

Bruni Gin is composed of these 8 botanicals

Juniper berries, coriander, cardamom, angelica root, kaffir lime, ginger, mandarin oranges and vanilla.

Gin Bruni

These are the cocktails you can create with Bruni Gin

This gin is perfect for mixing with all kinds of soft drinks and juices, or if you prefer, you can enjoy it on its own, on the rocks or as an after-dinner drink. It’s up to you. 

In case you want to experiment and discover new ways to enjoy Bruni Gin, here is a list of cocktails for you to find your favourite.

"Moscow Mule Bruni"

4 cl. Bruni Collins Gin
1.5 cl. ginger & lime juice
1 cl. liquid sugar
12 cl. ginger beer

"Night of Passion"

3 cl. Bruni Collins Gin
1.5 cl. Strawberry syrup
4 cl. White Grape Juice
1 cl. Black Vodka

"Beautiful Stone"

3 cl. Bruni Collins Gin
1 cl. Triple Sec
1.5. cl Pistachio syrup
6 cl. Pineapple & Grape Juice


4 cl. Bruni Gin
1 cl. Triple sec
2 cl. Monin rose syrup
10 cl. Pink tonic

"Blue Sunset"

3cl Bruni Collins Gin
1cl Strawberry syrup
3.5cl Cranberry juice
1.5cl Blue Curacao

"Hawaiian Devil"

4 cl. Bruni Gin
8 cl. Pineapple Juice
2 cl. Pink Grapefruit Juice
2 cl. Spicy Monin Syrup.

"Gin Tonic BRUNI"

5 cl. Bruni Gin
20 cl. Premium classic tonic

"Green Heart"

4cl. Bruni Collins Gin
1.5 cl. Green Melon Syrup
8 cl. Apple Juice

"Dark Passion"

3.5cl Bruni Collins Gin
1.5cl Passion Fruit Syrup
2cl Blue Curacao
1cl Black Vodka