How do English drink gin? - Gin in England

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How do English drink gin?

Cómo toman el gin los ingleses

Gin is a drink that has a long history in England, and has been an integral part of English culture for centuries. English have developed a unique and special relationship with this drink, and its way of consuming it has evolved over time. In this post we will see the different ways the English drink it. Discover how the English enjoy their gin and maybe learn some traditions and customs that you can adopt in your next tasting.

How do you drink gin in England?

English have a very special relationship with gin, and there are several traditional ways in which they enjoy this drink. Below are some of the most common ways Englishmen take their gin:

  • Gin & Tonic: The most popular way to drink gin in England is with tonic. It is served in a ball cup with ice, a slice of lemon and a sprig of juniper. The tonic enhances the flavor of gin and makes it more refreshing.
  • Gin Martini: Another classic cocktail bar, Gin Martini is served in a martini glass with an olive or a slice of lemon. It is a strong and sophisticated drink that is usually enjoyed at times of celebration or on special occasions.
  • Negroni: Negroni is a cocktail made with gin, vermouth and Campari. It is a bitter and complex cocktail, but very popular with gin drinkers in England.
  • Gimlet: Gimlet is a simple but delicious cocktail made with gin and lime or lemon juice. It is a perfect drink to drink at any time of the day.
  • Gin with lemonade: A popular and refreshing way to enjoy gin in England is to mix gin with lemonade, which is known as “Gin Fizz”. It is a sweet and bubbly drink that is perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day.

What’s the best time of the day to drink gin according to english?

There is no specific time to drink gin in England, since this drink is enjoyed at any time of the day and on various occasions. However, there are some traditions and customs that can influence when the English prefer to drink their gin.

For example, gin & tonic is considered a refreshing option to take after work or at a social meeting. In addition, the English also enjoy a gin martini before dinner as an elegant and sophisticated appetizer.

In summer, it is common to enjoy a gin fizz or a refreshing variant of gin and tonic, especially during an afternoon picnic or in a garden on a sunny day.

In short, english have a great variety of ways to enjoy gin, from classic cocktails to more simple and refreshing blends, at the same time, at different times of the day or occasions. Whatever your preference, there is a perfect gin drink for every occasion, always with Gin Bruni, your premium gin preferred.