At what temperature does Gin freeze? Answer HERE!

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At what temperature does Gin freeze?

¿A qué temperatura se congela la ginebra?

One of the most frequently asked questions gin lovers have is at what temperature does gin freeze?, since being a liquid substance, when coming into contact with low temperatures, it changes its state. 

We must keep in mind that gin is an alcoholic drink so it doesn´t act like other substances such as water, not even like other beverages such as beer, also a drink with alcohol.

At what temperature does alcohol freeze?

To know at what temperature does Gin freeze, we must know at what temperature does alcohol freeze.

The alcohol freezing point depends on the type of alcohol and its concentration. For example, the freezing point of ethanol (the type of alcohol used in alcoholic beverages) is -114°C. However, the higher the concentration of alcohol in a solution, the lower its freezing point.

Temperature at which Gin freezes

Gin freezes at a temperature of about -15 degrees Celsius.

The temperature at which a liquid freezes depends on its chemical composition and environmental pressure.

Gin is an alcoholic beverage consisting mainly of ethanol and water. The freezing point of ethanol is -114°C, while that of water is 0°C at 1 atm of pressure.

As mentioned above, gin, which has an ethanol concentration of 37-40%, so it freezes at a temperature close to -15°C due to its composition.

Gin conservation

Clear beverages such as vodka and gin should be stored similarly to dark liquor once opened. It is recommended to keep them away from sunlight and with the bottle tightly closed. Some people decide to keep them cold, but it’s not really a requirement.

We hope that we have solved your doubt about at what temperature Gin freezes. We invite you to learn more on our website about Gin Bruni, the best premium gin in Spain.