Gin & Tonic with orange - Recipe and TIPS to prepare it

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Gin and tonic with orange recipe

gin tonic con naranja

Gin Tonic is one of the most recognized and sophisticated cocktails despite its simplicity, which is integrated in a delicate and aromatic with lemon or lime, but did you know that you can also use orange? Let’s talk about Gin and Tonic with orange.

The truth is that, although many of the recipes you can get on the Internet are described as the real Gin and Tonic, many are not. These recipes of cocktails make it look the same because of the ingredients, but without being the original recipe.

However, here we will show you some tips to make the true Gin & Tonic with orange, along with the classic recipe, easily and quickly.

Tips to prepare a Gin & Tonic with orange

Although there is an original recipe, there can exist different variations in the execution, however, these must respect certain parameters that preserve the essence of Gin & Tonic. We mention them below.

1. Don´t replace the original classic ingredients

A classic Gin & Tonic is composed of the best Gin and tonic water, the key for its main flavors and texture. On the other hand, the bitter touches of gin and on the other, the bubbles and lightness of the tonic.

These are decorated with the essence of the orange, but if you replace any of these ingredients, you will be creating a different type of cocktail.

2. Don´t flood it with citrus

The fact that the orange is positioned with a star element in the cocktail does not mean that the orange glass should be overflown. It´s the opposite, the idea is to place small amounts of the essence of this fruit.

Apply some drops of juice, or even just the slice or shell of the orange to give off its aroma and flavor.

3. Do not lose bubbles

Always keep your cocktail Gin Tonic cold and with bubbles, something essential, so it is not necessary to shake. Take care of the structure of the cocktail when you mix the tonic, so that it has a soft entrance that does not break the bubbles. In turn, when mixing it do it with delicacy so that the orange is integrated when it touches the liquor.

Gin and Tonic with orange recipe

We want to give you the most classic Gin and Tonic with orange recipe, to taste its captivating flavors. Take note of the ingredients you will need!

  • 10 ml Lemon Juice.
  • 50 ml Orange Juice.
  • 120 ml Tonic.
  • 50 m gin.
  • Ice.
  • Will crack half-orange.

Start by cooling a balloon cup in the refrigerator.

With the cup already cold, cut the curly shell of the orange and place it in the cup.  

Then introduce ice, juices and liqueur, then gently pour tonic. Finish by mixing with a teaspoon and decorate the rim with a slice of orange.

It is worth trying and enjoying this Gin Tonic with orange, being an alternative to the classic Gin Tonic with the best premium Gin in Spain: Bruni Collin s. Do not wait any longer and prepare it yourself!