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Types of gin cocktails

Tipos de cócteles con ginebra

If you ask cocktails specialists what their opinion is about cocktails with gin, they will surely answer that they are among the most popular and are always a guarantee of success.

This relevance of cocktails with gin is marked by the versatility of this drink, It is easy to experiment and get a good cocktail when we mix it with a good gin, because adapting to the reinterpretations that each bartender makes is something simple when it comes to gin.

 In this post we briefly explain some of the most famous and iconic gin cocktails of today.

 Knowing them you could experience them next time you go out with friends, or be good at preparing some good cocktails after dinner at your home.

Best Cocktails With Gin


Negroni is a type of drink that can be used perfectly as a substitute for beverages taken after food for digestive purposes as it is often said to “Lower food.”

It is inspired by the name of its predecessor, Count Camilo Negroni, who ordered this mix between campari, gin and vermouth rosso.


Few cocktails are more iconic in popular culture than Martini.

It is a cocktail that is always associated with the strong elegance and class, because they are always served in very characteristic drinks that are already known by everyone.

It is a mixture of approximately 45 ml of gin,  with 5 ml of dry vermouth and 1 or two olives.

The version known as Dirty Martini includes the olive brine.

The Tom Collins is one of the most reinvented gin cocktails by the personal touch of the bartender of the entire hospitality industry.

However, its original versioncarries gin, lemon, soda and syrup. Its an iconic element when it comes to the world of classic drinks.

French 75

Its a cocktail as elegant and simple as the Martini, but without the need to do much elaboration or even use shaker.

It is a mixture of a glass of gin, half a cup of lemon juice and the amount of champagne that is necessary to give it the characteristic taste.


Another classic when we talk about cocktails with gin is the famous Gimlet, known to be the perfect balance between the roughness of gin and the infusion to the palate of citrus fruits.

It is a simple mixture of a fragrant gin, some very concentrated lemon juice and about 10 ml of white syrup.

Gin mule

A Coctel that is characterized by being very refreshing ,basically, it is the mixture inside a shaker of a handful of mint leaves with lemon juice and then we add the gin, all well mixed.

This is followed by a gin with a good distillation process, like the one we offer at Gin Collin’s.

It is then shaken tightly for about 10 seconds, served in an elongated glass with ice, and added ginger ale as a finishing touch.

As its name implies, it is literally a drink thinking about resurrecting the one who consumes it. At least from the darkness of the hangover after a day of excesses.

Mulled wine

Thinking a little more in the cold and winter season, we have the perfect cocktail for it: Mulled Wine.

It consists of hot wine, very French style, with a little gin, lemon or orange juice, quantities of honey to taste and a sprig of cinnamon to flavor the cocktail.

Prepare these Gin cocktails with Bruni Collin’s

The best thing about all these cocktails that we have recommended before is not the elements that differentiate them, but being able to prepare them with the great Bruni Collin’s premium Gin.

We invite you to try some of them with a good bottle and tell us what your experience with our product has been.