How to store Gin? Tips for preserving Gin

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How to store Gin?

Cómo conservar la Ginebra

Gin is one of the most popular and versatile distillates in the world. However, due to its aromatic and delicate nature, it is important to know how to preserve it correctly to maintain its optimal flavor and quality. By storing it properly, it will not only prolong its shelf life, but also ensure that its flavor and aroma are the same in each cup. Here, we will explore some tips and tricks to preserve your gin in the best way possible.

How long does Gin last?

A well-preserved gin can last up to a year or more, but its flavor and aroma can start to deteriorate after a few months. It is important to store the gin in a cool, dark place to protect it from light and heat, and make sure the bottle is well sealed to prevent oxidation.

How long can a bottle of Gin be open?

An open bottle of gin can usually last for up to a month or two before begins to lose its flavor and aroma.

We recommend that you avoid shaking the bottle before serving, as this can affect its clarity and consistency. If you notice a change in the taste, aroma or appearance of the gin, it is better to discard it.

Tips for preserving Gin

Here are some effective ways to preserve gin:

  1. Storage in a cool and dark place: Gin should be stored in a cool and dark place to prevent the degradation of its aromatic and flavouring compounds.
  2. Avoid exposure to light: Light can break down light-sensitive compounds in gin, so it is important to keep the bottle in a dark place.
  3. Keep the bottle closed: Make sure the bottle is properly closed to prevent oxidation and loss of taste.
  4. Vertical storage: Storing gin upright helps prevent oxidation and maintain flavor.
  5. Suitable temperature: Gin should be stored at a constant and cool temperature, preferably between 5 and 10°C.

Following these tips gin can be kept in good condition for several months to a year.

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