Gin and tonic with lime or lemon? Answer HERE

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Gin Tonic better with lime or lemon?

Gin Tonic ¿Mejor con lima o con limón?

Gin and Tonic is one of the most popular drinks of recent times, for its easy preparation, refreshing and captivating citrus notes. The truth is that, although it has already years in the recipe lists of the bartenders, there is still discussion about whether the Gin Tonic is better with lime or with lemon.

This is an unknown that usually overwhelms those who start in the world of cocktails, but like everything in this world, it has an explanation. Find the answer for this question in this post so you can make your own decision and enjoy this fine drink.

Is gin and tonic better with lime or lemon?

Since its popularization, Gin and Tonic is produced with three main ingredients, gin, tonic water and a citrus element, which can be lemon or lime. There really is no rule as to which citrus is the infallible in this cocktail, since even in its beginnings, Gin and Tonic did not have this element.

However, already being part of the most requested cocktail recipes, the presence of a sour and aromatic element became almost indispensable, being lime and lemon what brings this quality to perfection.

Despite this, we cannot deny that both lime and lemon have hints, although similar, different in their levels of flavor and aroma, which has generated debate in many of this cocktail fans.

Experts in the world of cocktails confirm that it is a matter of tastes, influenced in the capture of the taste sense of each person. Some like to perceive a citrus power taste and a little compound aroma, and others quite the contrary. In turn some people get more flavor power in the lemon and others in the lime, and the same happens with the aroma.

Therefore, the key is to try and decide which is the best choice for your drink, considering that there are other factors that can influence this decision. But what are these factors? Let us explain.

What influences the taste of gin and tonic?

If we need to decide if Gin Tonic is better with lime or lemon, we must take into account certain factors that can usually affect this decision, really altering the flavor of the cocktail.

Its preparation

The first point that can affect your decision with this cocktail is undoubtedly how you prepare it, although it is one of the easiest drinks to make, the preparation according to the bartender differs in details such as, how to integrate the citrus element can differentiate the cocktail.

Some bartender experts defend the fact that a Gin and Tonic cocktail is not supplied with a drop of the fruit, we only use part of the shell or a thin slice to give the aroma and on contact with the liqueur it gives it its touch.

On the other hand, there are those who prefer to impregnate the edges of the cup with the essence of the fruit when passing the juicy part, this with a few drops of the juice in the liqueur mixture. 

As you will see, both forms are different, in one the flavor predominates and in the other it plays with the aroma and mild flavors, so it depends on the fruit you choose, the way you prepare it may not convince you affecting your decision.  

Fruit freshness

Finally, one of the most important points is the freshness of the fruit, whether it is lime or lemon, the quality of this can influence its smells and flavors. In addition, the kind of fruit you use can affect, since only speaking of lemons, there are different types of them, with different characteristics in flavor and aroma intensity.

Keep in mind that when faced with the question of whether Gin and Tonic is better with lime or lemon, you will always have the truth and answer. Choose the best fruits and the best liquor (Bruni Collin´s Gin), and perform the tests you need to know which combination you like most.