How to avoid breaking the bubble as a professional in gin tonic

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How to avoid breaking the bubble like a professional

evitar romper la burbuja gin tonic

If you like to enjoy a good gin and tonic when you get together with friends or family, you almost certainly need to learn to avoid breaking the bubble like a professional. This is due to the fact that the true secret of this famous drink lies in the maintenance of its effervescent effect from the moment it is served until it is finished.

At Bruni Collin’s we explain some tricks that can help you with this goal, so that you can guarantee yourself and your guests a quality drink every time you decide to consume tonics with gin.

How to avoid breaking the bubble

1. Pouring the tonic very carefully

It sounds a little predictable, but actually serving the tonic in the drink is the most important step.
True cocktail experts recommend following the same formula applied in beers, which is basically tilting the cup and pouring the carbonated drink with a certain degree of inclination. Also doing it gently so that it doesn´ t bounce abruptly on the base of the container where it will be taken.

This ensures a favorable transition from the can to the cup and most of the bubbles that will then explode in your palate remain intact.

2. Choosing the cup appropriately

A narrow, elongated glass is not the most appropriate device to avoid breaking the bubble like a professional shaker, since it is a space that does not allow to pass through the mouth of the consumer without interrupting with the ice or with some other element of the cocktail recipe.

The best thing you can do is to opt for a ball cup, because the amplitude of its hole and the large capacity allows you to enjoy enough gin without having to accelerate its consumption to taste the bubbles of the tonic.

3. Avoiding overloading the drink

Overloading the drink with decorations is a terrible decision if you want to keep the bubbles intact for a long time.
In addition, a drink that is about to overflow rarely manages to maintain an appropriate balance of flavors and textures for the consumer. Not to mention that it is quite uncomfortable to hold with your hands and the risk of spilling it is much higher.

So it´ s your responsibility as a bartender of your social gatherings to find a middle ground between a sufficiently large amount of gin with a serving of tonic that does not counteract the taste, but also does not go unnoticed.

4. Choosing ice properly

Crushed ice melts faster, releasing water that alters the composition of the tonic and bringing with it the bubbling effect that is sought in a good cocktail.

The best option will always be complete ice, without fractures, that is well cold to preserve the cooling effect of gin and tonic without getting to change its flavor with the appearance of the unwanted ice water thawing.

5. Using quality gin

The gin quality is perhaps the most influential factor to avoid breaking the bubble like a professional, as an appropriate distillation guarantees a perfect combination with the tonic formula. This does not matter if it is flavored, or in a sporadic case, that it´ s not well refrigerated.

At Bruni Collin’s we offer you more than 80 years of tradition collected in a bottle that meets the most demanding industry standards for premium gin.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to start distributing our brand in your stores. We will be happy to address all your concerns.