How gin and tonic has become the top preparation

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How gin and tonic has become the top preparation

Post where we talk about how gin and tonic has become the top preparation Commercial success of Gin and Tonic!

It is no secret that gin and tonic has become the favourite drink of those who enjoy the nightlife in bars and clubs throughout the country. In fact, in restaurants and social gatherings also has a solid presence when it comes to preparing what is trending in the world of cocktails.

Gin and Tonic commercial success

This is a sustained growth that has been developing since the beginning of the last decade. And without a doubt, it has allowed gin and tonic to have the reputation it has today.

At Bruni Collin’s we explain some of the factors that have influenced in this commercial success, which in turn has made gin and tonic synonymous with flavor and assured freshness when celebrating:

1. Versatility in preparation

A couple of decades ago gin and tonic was an old-fashioned drink that was associated with the more traditional elite sector. Today, however, the picture totally contradicts that scenario.

This is due to the fact that the progressive incorporation of other flavors and aromas to the preparation of this drink, which has more than 200 years of history, took it to a more diverse point. In which there is greater receptivity by all consumers to be able to find it in a long list of tones ranging from bitter and strong tones, to sweet and sugary.

The explosion of the tonic market was another decisive factor to initiate this cocktail versatility. In a couple of years it went from a few alternatives to a number that exceeds more than 30 brands of simple or flavored tonics with simultaneous presence in the Spanish industry.

2. That simplicity which characterizes the drink

Anyone who tells you that gin and tonic is a complex drink that requires a lot of previous steps to achieve a proper and balanced flavor, is lying.

A good, cold gin, quality ice, and a tonic that is also refrigerated are more than enough to achieve 80% of the cocktail. Leaving as a matter of tastes and criteria the spices that would be added to direct the taste towards a different panorama.

That simplicity has allowed it to reach this level of fame in all types of places and establishments, satisfying the customer with this preparation is a fairly simple task compared to other hailed beverages such as margaritas or a daiquiri.

3. The wide variety of gins on the market

The fact that gin has gone from being a practically medicinal liqueur to a luxury product according to the degree of distillation has set the pattern for gin and tonic to achieve the level of relevance today.

With a simple investigation in the nearest supermarkets you will realize that you have at your fingertips a number that at least exceeds the two figures of different options of gins. Going from national brands to imported ones, all with very diverse flavors and aromas.

In reality, distillation of liquor has also spread beyond the juniper barrier. Thus heading towards other botanical sections even more interesting for consumer niches.

4. Drink personalisation

Adapting a gin and tonic to a well-personalized formula is another theme that has determined its success among the Spanish and international public over the last few years.

Strategically combining some spices with a flavored distillate allows the creation of a cocktail with a unique identity. Which adapts specifically to the palate of the consumer.

All this while still been a gin and tonic, in the theoretical sense of its shaker conception. But this without neglecting the theme of personalization that allows the consumer to appropriate a version closer to their tastes and interest.

5. Cocktail experts have chosen it as one of their favorites

If you ask a bartender directly what his opinion is about a gin and tonic, he will most likely tell you that it is the best thing that has happened to him in his professional field. Since the same versatility of the drink has made life easier for this sector of the Spanish inn. This is because orienting it towards a sweet or bitter approach, without losing the freshness that characterizes it with a cold and bubbling effect, is something extremely simple.

In any case, it is essential to have a quality distillate to achieve the formula that has marked the success of a good gin and tonic in the interest of the consumer.

That’s why it’s important that brands like Bruni Collin’s are always in your store’s liquor repertoire.

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