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Bruni´s Attitude

Gin Bruni Collin´s, the gin without equal to another, original and daring for its delicate ingredients carefully selected. Elaborated and inspired, under a meticulous process of elaboration with the best botanical raw materials of diverse places of the world.

Whatever your preference, palate and tastes, once you try Gin Bruni gin you will notice the deference. Soft on the palate, with a characteristic aroma and above all with a unique and special flavor.

Feminine, soft but with character, its intensity and its special touch have made it a reference for those who drink gin. Get to know it.


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Bruni’s Awards

That Gin Bruni is exquisite on the palate is not what we say, it is what those who try it say. It has a unique aroma and flavor.

Posee un aroma y sabor único. Very digestive and spontaneous.

That is why it has been recognized as one of the best gins in the world and has platinum and gold awards from international competitions as important as the SIP Awards.

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Our History

Gin Bruni belongs to the Joaquín Alonso distilleries that were founded in 1944. Subsequently, the company was transferred to the son of the founder, Joaquín Alonso, who expanded the range of products including pacharán, fruit liqueurs and non-alcoholic beverages, according to consumer preferences.

The facilities and machinery have been constantly updated, but artisan processes are still used for some of our drinks.

In the update the company has invested in product innovation and in expanding the product line as well as its international export.

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